GPDR Policy

The following Privacy Information is being provided to you as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Cork City Archery Club (CCAC), hereafter referred to as CCAC, processes personal information to administer and conduct CCAC related activities. This document is intended to inform you of how personal information you give us will be used, by whom and for what purpose.

Contact Details

If you require any information regarding Data Protection and how your data is processed by CCAC, please contact CCAC at

What information is held by Cork City Archery Club?

The information held by us may include:

• Data to identify you, including your contact information

• Other personal details provided by you necessary to use our services, 

• Information about you provided by others, e.g. affiliation data, Coaching Qualifications, First Aid certification, etc. 

• Information which you have consented to give us in using our services, e.g. Garda vetting

data, Safeguarding certification, medical history etc.

• A history of your contacts with CCAC and your service interactions

Who is the Data Controller for my data?

CCAC are Controllers of your Personal Data. CCAC can be contacted at the details above.

What is the purpose of processing my Personal Data?

CCAC processes personal information to administer and conduct CCAC related activities. This includes affiliation to CCAC, archery events/ training courses/competitions.

Personal development initiatives, disciplinary processes, communications and notifications of CCAC events and compliance related requirements (including membership/classification, Garda vetting and Safeguarding and insurance).

We may also keep you informed of CCAC news, activities and events if you consent to this.

Will anyone else receive a copy of my Personal Data?

Your Personal Data can only be accessed by CCAC administration and data processors acting on our behalf under contract. We have taken steps to ensure any data held with third-party dataprocessor companies are carefully managed with appropriate technical and organisation controls to ensure the security and integrity of data in place in accordance with GDPR obligations.

Hard Copy Data

Non-electronic data is stored in secure containers, accessible only by relevant Committee officers.

Cork City Archery Club Privacy Notice

How long will your Personal Data be stored for?

Your Personal Data held by CCAC is subject to legislation and the regulatory rules we must follow set by authorities (e.g. Garda Vetting Bureau (GVB)) and is dependent on the type of data and the reason for which it is held.

In exceptional circumstances we may retain Personal Data after the specified period if we decide that it is strictly necessary to do so where legal obligations arise, for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims or otherwise in accordance with the Data Protection Commissioner guidelines (e.g. for child welfare issues).

How can I obtain a copy of the Personal Data held by Cork City Archery Club?

You have the right to request a copy of all of your Personal Data and can do so by contacting CCAC at the details provided above This information will be provided to you within one calendar month.

What are my privacy rights relating to my Personal Data?

In accordance with GDPR you have the right to have your Personal Data updated, rectified, or deleted if you so wish. You have the right to object to your Personal Data being processed and to withdraw your consent to processing by CCAC.

Where can I get more information?

Further information regarding your rights can be obtained through the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois, or on the website: 

How do I make a complaint or report a breach?

Should you wish to make a complaint or report a breach under in relation to your Personal Data, you can do so by emailing the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner at