Welcome to Cork City Archery Club

**** Note: All Gear is provided for the Beginner Course ****

The Following Items are recommended equipment for the Re-curve Bow, any photographs are for reference only , There are many types and brands to choose from

Beginner Wooden Riser 

Intermediate Riser 

Beginner Limbs 

Intermediate Limbs 

Beginner Fiberglass Arrows  

Aluminium Arrows



Nocking Points

Nocking String

Basic Sight

Target Sight

Plastic Arrow Rest

Metal Arrow Rest

Pressure Button


Brace Height Gauge

Brace Height Gauge

Bow Stand

Bow Stand

Basic Quiver 

Target Quiver

Basic Finger Tab

Finger Tab

Basic Armgaurd


Archery Bag

Archery Backpack

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