Welcome to Cork City Archery Club

Voluntary Nature of the Club

CCAC relies completely on volunteers – there are no paid staff within our structure. All the coaches and admin staff within the Club give their time freely. All the money that goes into the Club is used to pay Club expenses which include rent of facilities, Archery Ireland affiliation, club equipment, and day-to-day running costs.

Membership Fees

Club membership fees have two components: Archery Ireland membership fees and our own Club membership fees. Both memberships are mandatory for people wishing to shoot with the club.

The annual fees detailed below are due by the end of March every year. All club members can pay their memberships through GoMembership moving forward. For any queries regarding membership fees please reach out through our contact us form.

CCAC Individual Membership Fees 2021

Senior, Junior (18-21)€200.00
Master 60+, Youth/Cadet, Junior in full-time education, Unemployed€150.00

CCAC Family Membership Fees 2021

 Master, Senior, Junior
2 Person Family€250.00
3 Person Family€275.00
4 person Family +€300.00


Archery Ireland Fees 2018

 New MembersRenewal
Master, Senior, Junior€50.00€80.00
Master 60+, Student, Cadet€25.00€40.00

Archery Ireland Family Membership Fees 2018

 Master, Senior, JuniorCadet, StudentNon-shooting
1st Archer€80.00€40.00€10.00
2nd Archer€56.00€28.00 Free
3rd Archer +€40.00€20.50


Hall Fees

Due to changes proposed in the 2020 AGM held in March 2021 all Hall Fees have been folded into the annual membership fee. This proposal was continued at the September 2021 AGM.

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