Join An Introduction To Archery Course

A beginners’ archery course is available for people of all ages and abilities. The courses are held regularly throughout the year for a period of six weeks and only cost €65.

The course is taught by Archery Ireland accredited coaches. Emphasis is placed on providing beginners with a solid foundation in the basic techniques of archery which will help them progress to be a competent archer.

All safety and training equipment is supplied by the club for the duration of the training course. After completion of the beginners’ course, advice is readily available for those wishing to pursue the sport further, particularly regarding  equipment that is on the market and which might suit you best individually.

Children/juniors should be accompanied by an adult (also doing the course)  at all times during the training course if under twelve . Children/juniors (must be at least eight years old)

The beginners’ course takes place in Nemo Rangers GAA from 7:45 – 9:45 pm on Friday evenings.

Course Content

Week 1 Registration Introduction to archery Safety – First Shoot
Week 2 Introduce the beginner to the correct posture for archery
Week 3 Introduce the beginner to the proper bow grip and string grip and show them how to use the bow stringer
Week 4 Introduce the beginner to the use of bow sights. Introduce the beginner to the concept of raising the bow and drawing to anchor properly
Week 5 Introduce the beginners to the proper form of Release and Follow through
Week 6 Overall review of techniques and an explanation of competition scoring,Quick talk about joining the club and buying equipment